Are We Working What God Gave Us?

Pastor Adam Warren brings a deep dive into the epistle of James to answer the question: What kind of faith do you actually have?

Finding Strength IN the Fire?

Can what tests us actually empower us? Pastor Adam Warren brings an insightful look at heroes of faith who’s stories you’ll be able to relate to.

The Power of a SOWN Word

Every believer has a latent power to influence the world that most never use – Pastor Adam Warren delivers a transformative teaching on Jesus’ identity as The Word and what that means for the child of God.

Armored for a Fight

Pastor Adam details the specific Greek language used in describing the Armor of God in Ephesians, including how to use each piece, the surprising component that holds it all together, and why Paul intentionally chose this depiction for the church at Ephesus.

Clear ‘Em Out

Pastor Adam brings an encouraging message from the story of Gideon. If you’ve ever been dismayed to discover that someone you thought was with you wasn’t going to be there when the fight came, you need to hear this message.

The Good Shepherd

Pastor Adam takes us through Jesus’ explanation of a good shepherd and explains our personal responsibility to help shepherd our families, businesses, and friends.

More Than a Feeling

Pastor Adam continues our series on Life in the Spirit with a look at the purpose of the Holy Spirit and why He is so much more than a feeling – experiences with God are intended to move us forward rather than take out minds back to past ones.

Special Prayer Service

We had a powerful time of corporate prayer and it’s worth watching! Time and space are no limitations to God so feel free to join in agreement!


Our enemy hates it when we worship because corporate worship has power! Pastor Adam takes us through the meaning of praise and worship and how it can impact the worlds around us, seen and unseen both!

The Revelation

Pastor Adam takes a deeper look at chapter six of the book of Revelation and how the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the four winds of the earth, and the four beasts in Daniel’s vision occur repeatedly in Scripture and can only lead us to one of two conclusions!