3 Seeds HELL Never Wants You To Sow

Do NOT watch this if you think Christians should be poor! James Payne lays out the forgotten and overlooked financial foundation of the Kingdom of God and the truth about money that will set you free. These Biblical principles will empower you to live in abundance so you can generously empower the expansion of the […]

Special Guest Bishop James Payne

Special guest Bishop James Payne delivers an on-time word on how to be victorious in struggles. When you’re in a fight with the world and the enemy, who will be the last one standing?

It’s Just Intermission

You know the old opera-themed expression “it’s not over until….” but outside the opera house it’s easy to forget that sometimes the curtains close and the lights come up, but it’s just intermission. Dr. James Payne shares an amazingly encouraging word to remind us to have the right perspective.

The Power of the Seed

Special guest and renowned recording artist and songwriter Dr. James Payne shares on the power of the seed. What are you sowing?