The Power in God’s Word

Do our words really carry any weight? Does the Bible give any clue? Pastor Shane Warren takes a look at how the origins and distinguishing features of human beings tells us something about the power of words.

The Power of Declaration

Solomon did something out of the ordinary when he dedicated the temple of God – and it has a powerful lesson for us, too! Pastor Shane Warren explains what happens when we pray radical prayers.

Are You Prepared to Eat Those Words?

Is what you have right now the result of what came out of your mouth last week? What did Jesus mean when He said “you have what you say?” Pastor Shane Warren bring forth something the 1st century Church knew that we’ve forgotten.

Are We Really Hearing?

Pastor Shane Warren continues this powerful teaching on Biblical Faith with a deeper dive into how to hear – and know that you heard – the prophetic voice of God.

What Frequency are We Tuned To?

There are countless voices in our world, but only one that will lead you into a life better than you can imagine. Pastor Shane Warren breaks down the Biblical pattern to consistently, reliably, and conclusively hear God speaking to YOU!

Are We Missing This Revelation?

How do you reconcile knowing that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, with not seeing the miracles recorded in the New Testament repeated every day? What are we missing? Pastor Shane Warren reveals the forgotten key to restoring POWER to the Body of Christ – and that means you!

Where’s Your Breakthrough?

If you’ve been believing and waiting for your breakthrough, today is your day! Pastor Shane delivers a life-changing word on how to operate in faith in EVERY dimension and receive God’s promise for you!

We Need Prophetic Faith!

The forces of evil are mustering everywhere in our culture, and the assault seems to be coming from every direction, but the Bible holds the key to survival in dark times! Pastor Shane Warren uncovers the hidden secrets of spiritual weaponry in this message!

Does Faith Have Any Power?

We know we should “keep the faith,” but does that really do anything? All around us we see evidence contrary to what the first century Christians believed, but Pastor Shane Warren is bringing a transformative word that will teach you to maintain and release your faith in a way that changes the world around you!