The Truth About God, Sickness, and Sin

Does God send sickness? Is all sickness linked to sin? Uncover the answers that challenge common beliefs as we dive into the profound questions surrounding this topic.

How do You Identify?

Discover the genuine Biblical definition of salvation and our identity in Christ in this sermon by Pastor Shane Warren. Join us as we explore the difference between scriptural Christianity vs denominational doctrine.

Discover Your Calling

Discover game-changing keys that illuminate the path through life’s pivotal moments, guiding you to embrace purpose, overcome challenges, and unlock your true calling.

Something’s Up

Are ancient Biblical patterns resurfacing today? Join us as we explore the profound revelations of God’s intentions through patterns in the Bible. Discover how the past, present, and future align as we delve into the echoes of history, reminding us that by spending time with Him in prayer, we have an opportunity to see what […]

The Danger of Delay

Uncover whether “all things” genuinely work together for our good in this discussion. Prepare for a revelation as we delve into the true interpretation of this passage which challenges common perceptions!

So You’re Dead… Now What?

Is there a real place that matches what we think of as Hell? Hades? Gehenna? The Bad Place? If so, who is it for? In a culture that no longer thinks any wrongdoing should have consequences, how to we return to a right understanding of judgment? By knowing the truth of God’s Word.

So You’re Dead… Now What?

Pastor Shane shares the great truth that what you believe about death will shape how you live your life. What are you basing your expectation of eternity on? Unfounded hope? Nihilism? Or God’s unchanging Word?