It’s Time to FIGHT! – Prophetic Word

Discover the chilling truths behind society’s assault on our family units in this prophetic word for the church. Are you prepared to grasp the gravity of these revelations and stand firm against the encroaching pressures of society? In this video, you’ll hear statistics you’ve probably never heard before that will blow your mind.

What Does the Bible Say About Prosperity?

God is a God of blessing, but any truth can be taken to extremes and become error. But if we take the Bible at it’s word and in the correct context, a truth is there which can set us free! Pastor Shane Warren brings us through a study of the Word of God to decide […]

This Dimension of Grace Has Been Hidden Too Long

Grace has a hidden dimension to it that, when tapped into, opens up the blessings of God for your life in a way most Christians can’t even comprehend! Pastor Shane Warren teaches how to access the hidden depths of grace described in the New Testament to become exceedingly more blessed!

Don’t Miss This Opportunity in 2024…

When things don’t go according to plan, it often presents a great opportunity, but never without danger! Pastor Shane Warren takes us through a look at Paul’s missionary journeys and how his adaptability and readiness – and the power of association – can bring great, effective ministry out of what looks like chaos.

What You Might Not Know About The Incarnation…

What significance does it hold whether Jesus existed as entirely human, entirely divine, or a combination of both? In this video we dive into the profound mystery of the Incarnation. We’ll explore lesser-known aspects of this pivotal event in Christianity, offering prophetic insights and perspectives that will deepen your understanding and faith.

Prophetic Worship Service

Sometimes, God may think we have a great plan, but He has His own, and that takes precedence. In this service, Pastor Shane brings a timely prophetic word, supported by multiple confirmations through tongues, interpretation, and prophecy. Watch this for a prophetic look into what God is doing in America as the Holy Spirit takes […]

Satan Doesn’t Want You to Know This…

Is Satan powerless against me once I’m saved? In this message from Pastor Shane Warren, discover the truth about spiritual warfare, underestimating your enemy, and how to avoid any traps he tries to throw in your path.

End Times Prophetic Word: It’s Time To Get Ready!

Jesus is coming soon! In this message, discover the keys to an End-Times Revival as Pastor Shane Warren delves into God’s agenda for the last days and discusses the Church’s mission and how we can be a light in the darkness!