Special guest Bishop James Payne delivers an on-time word on how to be victorious in struggles. When you’re in a fight with the world and the enemy, who will be the last one standing?

Do you, like us, get frustrated with the disparity between the world as it is and as we know it should be? Watch as Pastor Steve brings an encouraging word on how to bring the potential God has placed in each believer out into the world.

In part two, Pastor Shane explains how to apply the grace we’ve been given – not as a license for loose living, but as an empowerment to do the impossible!

Special guest and friend of The Bend, Pastor Brad Smith from Woodward First Assembly in Woodward, Oklahoma encourages us to say YES to Holy Spirit and receive a refilling to move in the gifts and make a greater impact on the world!

“Grace” is a strong contender for the Apostle Paul’s favorite word and a core concept of the Christian walk, but do we really know what it means? What if I told you it wasn’t originally a Christian term – and beyond that, it’s a much bolder claim than you may think. Pastor Shane introduces the Biblical meaning of grace.